1,700% … the bubble-like rise in Bitcoin so far in 2017.

€50,000,000,000 … the cost to the UK of Brexit (and that’s only the divorce bill).

500,000 … people at Trump’s inauguration in January, or was it 1 million, or maybe 5 million?

€222,000,000 … PSG paid Barcelona this record breaking fee for Brazilian footballer Neymar.

11,500,000 … leaked documents in the Panama Papers, divulging the vast wealth held in secretive offshore tax havens.

61.6% … of Australians said yes to gay marriage.

90% … of Catalans said yes to independence (but only 42% voted).

$450,000,000 … the price paid for the Leonardo da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, a new record for any work of art.

37 … years of rule of Zimbabwean President  Robert Mugabe finally ended this year.

$99,000,000,000 – the wealth of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, now the world’s richest person – Bill Gates has dropped to the No.2 after a long run in the top spot with Warren Buffett No.3.

1% … of people now own half the world’s wealth.

$1,000 – the price of the new iPhone X, made by Apple, the world’s biggest company with a valuation heading towards 1 trillion dollars (too many zeroes).