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Our Fee Structure

Our fee structure is designed to simply and transparently reflect the time, value, expertise and service we provide you and to ensure our advice is completely unbiased and impartial.

Financial Planning

We will provide you with a personal Financial Life Plan that covers cashflow management, savings and investment strategy, property, pensions, appropriateness of insurance, debt management, tax planning and estate planning. We charge €500 for this comprehensive Plan when there is an expectation of follow-up investments. We charge €1,000 if you would only like a Financial Life Plan.

Wealth Management

We will design and implement a bespoke Investment Plan based on our Financial Life Plan recommendations. We charge an investment implementation fee of 1% of funds invested which is reduced by any upfront commission we receive.

Our Lifetime Wealth Management annual fee covers regular reviews, Financial Life Plan and Investment Plan updates and ongoing financial advice. This fee is 1% of funds invested and is reduced by any ongoing commission we receive.