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Probate In Ireland

12 September 2017

It’s not a subject we like to dwell on but it is important to know what happens to our money after we die. Knowing the processes involved (and how long ...

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How Much Do I Need To Retire?

21 June 2017

A question I get asked countless times is, how much do I need to retire? While there is no exact answer, and certainly not one figure that applies to everybody, ...

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How To Spend

24 May 2017

Reading media reports about Johnny Depp’s financial woes (he has allegedly come close to bankruptcy despite earning $650 million over the last decade or so thanks to a serious spending ...

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My 4 Unbreakable Rules Of Investing

26 April 2017

As we watch global stock markets once again hit all-time highs, a perennial question is, how can we become more successful investors? My simple answer continues to be, stick with ...

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What’s Your Financial Personality?

20 March 2017

We all have very different ideas about what money means to us and we have many different, often damaging, psychological biases that impact how we make money decisions. Knowing our ...

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Is Trump A Genius With Money?

14 February 2017

Did Donald Trump, with Buffett-like financial genius, really turn $1m into $10bn? Can we learn something from his self-proclaimed golden touch? For those of you who have more to do ...

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5 Easy Resolutions For The New Year

17 January 2017

January is a great time to set some good financial goals. However, to ensure you have every chance of sticking to these resolutions you should set small realistic goals. Here ...

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Our First Big Money Mistake

15 December 2016

Our big financial errors vary by age but a recent Wall Street Journal article highlights a big money mistake than young people are making today – they are not taking ...

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How To Save

21 November 2016

Saving money rather than spending it gives us no instant gratification but it is the road to eventual financial freedom. Here are some tips on how to get there. Have a budget. ...

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Budget 2017 : 5 Key Takeaways

11 October 2016

Budget 2017 has gifted us a range of ‘small sweeties’ but sees no major changes to how the government runs its finances (or controls ours). Here are 5 key changes ...

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