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Why You Need Lifetime Wealth Management

Plan Your Wealth

The Money Smart Lifetime Wealth Management service begins after we have prepared your Financial Life Plan. Taking into consideration your financial objectives and risk profile, we design a customised Investment Plan, identifying the best investment opportunities and managing them on an ongoing basis.

Grow Your Wealth

Your Financial Life Plan will set out how your wealth will grow based on our recommended asset allocation. We strongly believe that our Smarter Investing Philosophy is the key to growing your wealth.

Protect Your Wealth

We will help you minimise trading costs and avoid needless fund manager charges and expensive unplanned liquidity shocks. We will also ensure that all your decisions are tax efficient. We give you unbiased expert advice on how best to insure your wealth, what to insure, how much to insure, and for how long.

Use Your Wealth

We show you how to spend efficiently, how to gift efficiently, how to make optimal retirement income choices, how to divest efficiently, and how to plan future tax-efficient wealth transfers.