1. Counting your pennies.

Much better to forget about the pennies and think long and hard about the pounds. Or in other words, spend much more time choosing a pension provider than a utility provider.

2. Accumulating credit card debt.

Credit cards can be really useful as long as you pay off the balance in full every month. If you don’t they are dangerously expensive so try to cut out minimum repayments.

3. Spending what’s leftover.

Don’t fritter away surplus cash or allow it to depreciate in a bank account. Instead, start a regular investing habit. It’s the easiest way to end both unnecessary spending and hoarding cash at zero rates of return.

4. Listening to the experts.

They know as much about the future as you do. So stop listening to them or reading (yesterday’s) financial news. This era of information overload is not helping us make good decisions.

5. Worrying about money.

It’s simple. Stop procrastinating and begin thinking seriously about budgeting and planning. Or better still, let an independent financial planner do it all for you.


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