Investing money demands care and consistency. Our investment philosophy consists of six golden rules based on global best practice which we apply to every client portfolio.

1. Have a Plan and a Process

A stable decision-making process through boom and bust eliminates impulsive decisions.

2. Minimise Costs and Taxes

Efficient tax planning and core passive fund holdings will help you avoid unnecessary costs.

3. Don’t Speculate

Research shows that trying to pick winning stocks or timing the market is doomed to failure. We avoid individual stock speculation and recommend a core holding of passive index funds.

4. Tailor Risk to your Circumstances

Obvious but often ignored or misunderstood.

5. Diversify

Diversification can lower portfolio risk and safeguard your investments against unpredictable economic cycles.

6. Stay Invested

Minimise trading costs and avoid rash decisions by planning your future liquidity needs so that you stay invested longer.