My expert impartial service starts with comprehensive Financial Planning.
Only then does Wealth Management begin the task of managing your money.

Financial Planning

The very first thing I do is provide every client with a Financial Life Plan that takes the first steps towards turning your goals into reality.

You will gain the peace of mind that comes from allowing me to organise your finances. I will bring clarity, objectivity, organisation and expert planning to all your financial arrangements.

I can provide clear realistic solutions to questions such as:

  • What should my financial priorities be?
  • Am I saving enough? How much is enough?
  • Will we be able to send our kids to college?
  • Can I afford to leave my job – or start a business?
  • Will we run out of money?
  • How can I earn a better return on my savings?
  • What kind of insurance do we need?
  • How should my money be invested?
  • When can I retire?
  • Is my pension any good?

 Wealth Management

Money Smart Wealth Management, which begins once your initial Financial Life Plan has been presented, has four key components.

Plan Your Wealth

Taking into consideration your financial circumstances and objectives, I will design a bespoke Investment Plan that identifies the most appropriate investment choices for you.

Grow Your Wealth

I strongly believe that following the Money Smart Investment Philosophy is the key to growing your wealth.

Protect Your Wealth

Money Smart will give you unbiased advice on how best to minimise tax and insure your wealth – what to insure, how much to insure, and for how long.

Use Your Wealth

I will show you how to spend efficiently, how to gift efficiently, how to make optimal retirement income choices, how to divest efficiently, and how to plan future tax-efficient wealth transfers.

The Money Smart Process

Being money smart means making decisions that fit your life goals. It’s at the core of my Five Step Process…

Step 1 - I Listen

I listen very carefully to your financial needs, goals and objectives and then clearly outline what exactly I can do for you and how much it will cost.

Step 2 - I Analyse

I use state-of-the-art software to analyse and forecast your income / expenditure and assets / liabilities as part of your comprehensive Financial Life Plan.

Step 3 - I Recommend

I present the Financial Life Plan to you, identify priorities and recommend specific actions for discussion and agreement.

Step 4 - I Implement

Following in-depth market research I design a bespoke Investment Plan for you, find the best investment solutions and manage implementation.

Step 5 - I Monitor

I monitor your investments continually, update your Financial Life Plan and Investment Plan annually and respond to changes to keep you on track.

The Money Smart Investment Philosophy

Investing money demands care and consistency. My investment philosophy consists of six golden rules based on global best practice which I apply to every client portfolio.

Holistic Approach

Transparent Fees

Financial Planning

I will provide you with a comprehensive Financial Life Plan which covers cashflow, savings, investments, property, mortgages, pensions, insurance, estate planning and tax. The Plan fee is €1,000.

Investment Planning

I will design and implement a bespoke Investment Plan based on agreed Financial Life Plan recommendations. My investment research and implementation fee is 1% of funds invested, reduced by any upfront commission I receive.

Wealth Management

I will continually monitor your investments, meet you for annual reviews, and update your Financial Life Plan and Investment Plan annually. My annual management fee is 1% of funds invested, reduced by any ongoing commission I receive.

Ongoing Service

On top of quarterly investment and annual planning reviews, I will be at your service all year round, ready to provide objective financial advice on anything that concerns you – at no extra cost.

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